1. DR ✈️ DC. Back to reality. If you’ve emailed me over the past week I’ll get back to you by tmrw afternoon. Thanks for your patience++

  2. 🔥Paradise Ablaze🔥

  3. Good Morning++

  4. Greetings from the beach++

  5. Slam/XXL came through the studio for an interview today++

  6. ➕➕

  7. Awkward on camera. @aceofcustoms grabbed me to do a guest spot on their next episode.

  8. Didn’t see any else wearing python @Birkenstockusa at Sneaker Con. You guys are missing out ➕➕

  9. 📷 @deadrosesltd

    Anyone going to sneaker con in DC tmrw? I don’t have a table but I’m going to check everyone’s stuff out. If you have a table lmk and I’ll try to stop by. Especially if you have some ATC 2s in a 14 ➕➕

  10. Genuine cork ➕ Suede @nikesb dunk high. Full photoset on JBFcustoms.com #incomparable